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The Democratic Republic of Congo DRC is theoretically one of the wealthiest countries on earth, however years of misrule have turned this mineral rich central African country into one of the poorest — unable to either deliver basic rights or provide protection to its over 80 million people and their property. As well, the elections would determine representatives for the national assembly and provincial councils. And despite the ensuing tense post-election climate, DRC managed at least in the short run to remain generally stable and avoided sliding back into yet another civil war — after the devastating to conflict that claimed some five million lives and displaced millions. Compared to other communities their participation is a big step towards greater inclusion in the wider Congolese society — with lots of prospects for increased rights protection and respect for their culture and way of life. In contrast to other communities, Bambuti and Batwa came into the elections against a backdrop of obstacles specific to indigenous peoples in the region and DRC in particular. In its review of the DRC, the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women raised particular concerns about the situation of indigenous women, especially Batwa, around gender-based violence, land rights, access to public services and involvement in decision-making. As a consequence of repeated violence and marginalization, MRG found out that traditional relationships within the communities had increasingly degenerated into those of exploitation and servitude, sometimes bordering on outright slavery, accompanied by social disintegration and loss of morale, and often by social problems such as alcoholism and prostitution. However, despite its promises, campaigners want the new government to address the following constraints that would enable the Bambuti and Batwa to enjoy human rights securely:. Indigenous peoples value nature, because this is the basis of their survival as distinct peoples and cultures sustained by their traditional food and knowledge systems. Exploitation of resources forest, waters, savannahs and minerals should not alienate indigenous peoples.

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Congo Red dye came on the market in Is that a clue to dating faded red? More information. Congo Red – Molecule of the Month – January (HTML.

A cache of decaying notebooks found in a crumbling Congo research station has provided unexpected evidence with which to help solve a crucial puzzle — predicting how vegetation will respond to climate change. Combined with other records, the recovered data allows Hufkens to make improved predictions about the health of the forest. He had planned to install a high tech monitoring station known as a carbon flux tower in Yangambi.

The instruments are indispensable for observing the way plant life responds to climate change and have become standard gear for studying forests in North America and Europe, as well as a handful of locations in the Amazon. But research shows the tropical carbon sink is faltering. This means CO2 will build up faster in the atmosphere and temperatures will rise more quickly. Scientists are working to understand better how tropical forests respond to shifts in rainfall. The Congo forest, second only to the Amazon in size, is particularly hard to study.

Poor infrastructure, unstable governments and civil war have hindered systematic research. But understanding the Congo is important — it appears to be drying out, and it is hard to say how it will behave in a drier climate.

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Lower Congo rock art is concentrated in a region that stretches from Kinshasa to the Atlantic coast and from northern Angola to southern Congo-Brazzaville. Although Lower Congo rock art was identified as early as the 19th century, it had never been a subject of thorough investigation. Presently inhabited by the Ndibu, one of the Kongo subgroups, the Lovo Massif is situated north of the ancient Kongo Kingdom.

With sites including 16 decorated caves , the massif has the largest concentration of rock art in the entire region. In and , we were able to collect pigment samples directly on the panels of the newly discovered decorated cave of Tovo. Unlike the Sahara and southern Africa, both extensively prospected, rock art of central Africa is still widely unknown and not dated.

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African Pygmies

Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. Although most people rarely practice this ceremony in the 21st century, many people are still very familiar with this ritual. Sharing a drink with your ancestors is a sign of respect. This is a way of sharing the drink with the ancestors so that they can celebrate along with the family.

It is also said that by doing this you are showing a sign of respect to your ancestors, therefore they will keep a watchful eye on you on the other side. Moziki groups usually agree on a specific amount of money that every member can contribute during the month.

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Peat is a type of wetland soil made of semi-decomposed plant matter and so is rich in carbon. We estimate that about 30bn tonnes of carbon is stored in the peatland we found — an amount equivalent to three years of global fossil-fuel emissions. Given the carbon stored in the peatlands, protecting them has become a global priority. Location of the Cuvette Centrale wetlands in Africa.

However, while mostly intact and increasingly protected on paper, the peatlands are in reality threatened by road building, logging, drainage for industrial palm oil plantations, and oil exploration. Additionally, rising temperatures could tip the balance of the peatland from absorbing carbon from the atmosphere to releasing it. The programme aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of this carbon-rich ecosystem by answering key questions about its past, present and future.

Radiocarbon dating at the base of the peat — up to five metres below the surface — has revealed that the peatland began to form about 10, years ago — when central Africa became warmer and wetter as the Earth emerged from the last ice age. To build on this initial finding, we will take cores of peat and painstakingly reconstruct the past vegetation of the region — using ancient preserved pollen grains trapped in the peat.

Led by Dr Ian Lawson from the University of St Andrews , the pollen analysis will tell us how the peatland first formed and how it has changed. This research will enable us to discover how past changes in rainfall and temperature have affected the accumulation or release of carbon in the peatland — and to begin to understand how stable the peatland could be under present and future climatic conditions.

To better protect and manage the peatlands, we need to know where exactly the peat is, how much carbon the peatlands store and what role they play within the wider rainforest ecosystem.

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Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. The Democratic Republic of Congo DRC has been the theatre of grave violations of international human rights and humanitarian law over the past two decades. The need for accountability remains tremendous and national authorities retain the primary obligation to bring to justice those responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. The report stresses the lack of capacity, resources, expertise and independence of the Congolese judiciary to effectively address grave international crimes such as war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

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The Mbuji-Mayi Supergroup (former ”Système de la Bushi- may”), DRC, (Figs. 12) located between the. Archean-. Paleoproterozoic Congo-Kasai Craton and the.

By Ian Randall For Mailonline. The world’s oldest mushroom has been discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo and dates back to around million years ago. Preserved in rock, the fossil fungi were found near the city of Mbuji-Mayi in a ‘major’ discovery that smashes the previous age record by some million years.

The fungi played a key role in the history of life by helping to create primordial soil that would later allow plants to first grow on the land. The primitive mushrooms grew in a lagoon or coastal lake, the researchers said. The world’s oldest mushroom, pictured, has been discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo and dates back to around million years ago. The ancient rocks containing the fungus are part of the collection of the Africa Museum in Tervuren, Belgium, while lies just outside of Brussels.

The fungi were found in rocks that formed in a transitional area between water and the land. This fact, explained Professor Bonneville, ‘leads us to believe these microscopic mushrooms were important partners of the first plants that colonised the Earth’s surface around million years ago. The origin of mushrooms has mystified evolutionary experts for centuries. Their delicate nature means that their fossils are extremely rare — not to mention difficult to tell apart from other microorganisms.

Pictured, interconnected filaments formed part of a large mycelium. Around , species of fungi have been described by taxonomists — but their global biodiversity is still not fully understood.

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For our Motherhood Around the World series, our third interview features Sarah top and Jill bottom , two American friends who live in the Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa with their husbands and kids. Here are 13 things that have surprised them about motherhood in Congo…. Sarah and her husband moved to Congo six years ago, driven by a sense of adventure. The two women chronicle their experiences in the hilarious and eye-opening blog, Mama Congo.

Next year will be our sixth year here, and if and when we do leave, we hope to stay in French-speaking Africa. On hiring nannies and housekeepers: Jill : We had never hired people to work in our homes before moving to Congo.

Radiometric dating of the LSA layer (NFPr) yielded an age between 25–19 Ka Bruxelles: Institut des Parcs nationaux du Congo belge. p.

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