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Word Count: 3. Gangster Avengers Alternate Universe; Inspired by this post. It Should Have Been Me. Avengers x Reader. Originally posted by escupir. Word Count: words. You are a tongue-tied shy girl who has a big crush. Secret Markings.

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Top definition. Person 1- Will and Nico would be so cute together Person 2- Shipping? Person 1- Shipping! Aug 18 Word of the Day. Are they a girl or a boy?

The OTP Fluff Generator is a Javascript prompt generator made by the Tumblr user I wrote about a world where everyone has a death date printed on their wrist, and In the world of fandom (check out fan fiction, fanfiction, fanfic(s), or fic​(s)).

His nail polish is pink and mint green. He turns heads, to put it mildly, but nobody comes near because the waitresses hover around the booth protectively. The weirdest thing about him? He loves being this guy. He has managed to grow up in public with all his boyish enthusiasm intact, not to mention his manners. The Harry Charm is a force of nature, and it can be almost frightening to witness in action.

The most startling example might be a backstage photo from February taken with one of his heroes, Van Morrison. You have never seen a Van picture like this one. Until he met Harry — for some reason, Van beams like a giddy schoolgirl.

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Lim, Roger C. Please feel free to leave comments, vote, and share! It’s where your interests connect you with your people. You were almost starstruck, if You did a wonderful job requesting anon!!

currently in production, no release date has been set for a premiere in either its native United inhabited a large portion of the Tumblr fandom universe.

Self Harm Imagines Tumblr. Warnings: depression, self harm. I don’t do smut anymore. Anything that has to do with romanticizing destructive behavior I. Proof of the gps on their FAQ. Imagine Imagine Vic Fuentes Comforting you after you self harm… You wiped the tears off your cheeks as you finished wrapping up your arms your hoodie was your best friend for today you pulled it tightly around you, as you fixed your hair and makeup. If that is a trigger for you, please don’t read.

If you ever need me, I’m here. Im not gonna apologise for not writing this because this kind of mentality is wrong. So my boyfriend has started his own business creating homebrew class archetypes and other supplementary info. Yes, Pierce the Veil helped you through so much with their music, especially with your self harm. I tried to make my mind as dirty as ever. I do not promote suicide, self-harm, eating disorders, etc.

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Request: Can you please write part five of Sam x pregnant reader? Thank you, keep up the good writing!!! All were originally posted on my tumblr account of the same name are are not part of one story line. Reader, Sam, Oneshot, Imagine, Fluff,. Imagine Sam and Dean offering to keep you safe. If you don’t mind another request, could you do a oneshot where Dean and the reader are in a relationship and she catches him cheating and is devastated, but then it turned out to have just been a hex bag or a curse to make him do it?

Something will happen to potentially hundreds of thousands of Tumblr’s 12 million blogs on December That’s the date the company plans to.

I hope y’all enjoy. Pairing: Eddie Kaspbrak x Platonic! Richie Tozier as Tony Stark reddie eddie kaspbrak imagine eddie kaspbrak x richie tozier eddie kaspbrak it movie cast it movie it richie tozier imagine richie tozier jack dylan grazer finn wolfhard bill. But damn Eddie and his well rehearsed puppy eyes, he always knew they worked on you. Eddie ended up convincing you to go, saying the Richie was pretty good at the games and could win you something, that and they had ice cream and cotton candy too.

You were very hesitant to go, knowing how many people showed up to those things. He could see the parents crying into each other’s shoulders. What does it take to get it back? A simple kiss. Pre-shrunk, anti-pill fleece in lightweight and heavy-and-warm options. Stanley Uris Fear. Forgotten Eddie x Reader. Little Things That Matter Imagines.

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The end of is nigh and with it closes another year of pop culture obsessions, from the climactic Avengers: Endgame to the final episodes of Game of Thrones to another year of BTS domination. Luckily, Tumblr is around to chronicle it all as a beloved online destination for fandoms of all kinds. On Dec. The final lists comprise many corners of fandom, but perhaps most fun to track are Tumblr’s top ships — a.

Tumblr’s top 20 ships from the past year span TV, movies, YouTube, and more. The complete list is full of queer ships, which makes sense according to Tumblr’s head of content insights Amanda Brennan.

Feb 11, – Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond obey me shall we date Character Prompts, Fandom Games, Text Animation.

Synopsis: Bart Allen falls head over heels for batsis in the YJ team. If anyone knows please tell me so I can credit them. Prompt 8 : Came to investigate someone screaming next door. Many people have harrowing stories of some kind of travel mishap. Gala shortie shortie blurb Batfam x reader. Reader x Batfam: Being the oldest among the batboys So, this is my first post ever.

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Subscriber Account active since. The term has taken on new life thanks to people, predominantly teens, using the word to discuss ideal relationships between fictional characters, celebrities, and even their own friends. So instead of saying, “Romeo and Juliet are a perfect couple,” a Shakespeare-loving shipper would say, “I ship Romeo and Juliet.

Broadcasting and specific dates will be updated closer to the actual competitions. # VirtueMoir # Tessa Virtue # scott moir # tessa and scott # scott and tessa.

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Originally posted by beoriginalthisisfantastic. Making him smile, and taking so much joy in that, that you try to do it as frequently as possible. Becoming close friends with Meera as well, and often sharing secrets with her- in exchange, she tells embarrassing stories about Jojen to you from when he was little. He hates most of these, but you find them quite adorable. Him having visions about you, and having nightmares about you dying- at first, he believes it is because of him, so tries to distance himself from you.

“On Tumblr specifically, a lot of the content about Klance is really understood fandoms start to contribute to mainstream programming, the.

Warnings – Mention of rape no details, not between reader x Negan , you hit your head a lot, angst. Merlin woke up first, the went to stretch, but feeling a weight on his chest he stopped. Morgana and the knight. The sun was shining through the window and on to my bed. Hello everyone! Merlin X Reader – Fool. First time writing Negan so probably very ooc. Multi-Fandom Imagines. That is, until even more shit hits the fan.

Lots of flirting :3 AND Hi!

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Aug 19, Lots of Tickle Headcanons. Also, thanks for the request! Incorrect Batfam Quotes: reader insert

If the intensity of the Harry fandom ever seems mysterious to you, But I was dating someone who gave me some books; I felt like I had to read.

Sweet Pea Fanfic Tumblr. Sweet Pea Fan. He was loyal in that respect. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Twin of Jughead. Word Count: 2, words Tags: Absolutely Wholesome, Bunny Izu being a little insecure and questioning about your relationship, innocent baby, crying during sex-, bby boy loves you so much.

Brianna’s waiting for the right guy to fall in love with. Word Count: 1, Gif not mine. The ever-favorite butterfly-kite-like columbine is a perfect companion in the sweet pea planter box.